Right now popROAR is Andrew. He lives in Rose Park with Aliye and his daughter Elizabeth. Growing up in the midwest with printer's ink in his blood, Andrew has evolved with the digital changes of our time. He has a interest in math and how things work.

"We live in an amazing time with access to a wide variety of technological possibility. I want to inspire our youth to explore their curiosity in STE(A)M education because that empowers them to make the future even better."


Our world is expanding rapidly. For our children to take advantage of the change we need to provide them with experiences that spark innovation, cultivate relationships, and build confidence in their future. This site has been put together as a means to share the message and organize the projects Andrew (popROAR) supports. The name originated during the years he worked creatively in sign shops. It is an acronym for Purpose of Production Reason of a Reality™ which sounds way cooler than PPRR ;)